Police insist Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies ‘charged with the right offence’ over Stanley’s death

Roxanne Davis with baby Stanley Davis
Roxanne Davis with baby Stanley Davis

POLICE have said Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies were charged with the correct offences but admit: ‘Many people will feel it should have been murder’.

The shocking nature of three-week old infant Stanley Davis’s death has resulted in calls for questions to be answered into how the baby sustained such horrific injuries at the hands of Davis, 30, and Davies, 24.

They were jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of causing or allowing Stanley’s death. Prosecutors could not say who had inflicted the tot’s injuries.

Detective chief inspector Fiona Bitters said: ‘Many people will feel it should have been murder but we are guided by the law and think we charged them with the right offence. I think the sentence reflects the serious nature and tragedy of case.’

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She added: ‘Hampshire Constabulary is committed to protecting all vulnerable people in our communities, including young people, and we’ve invested significant resources over the last few years into protecting and supporting children who experience abuse.

‘This case highlights our dedication to establishing the truth and bringing offenders like Davies and Davis to justice. Our thorough investigation conducted by the Major Crime and Specialist Support Team has reached this successful outcome thanks to their dedication and tenacity.’

Thanking their partner agencies, DCI Bitters added: ‘Cases like this are difficult for investigators, because of the circumstances of Stanley’s short life, but I’m pleased the professionalism of our officers was recognised by the judge.

‘The sentences conclude this case involving Stanley’s mother and her partner at the time of the offence, with the knowledge that those responsible for his death will each serve a lengthy sentence.’

Meanwhile, an NSPCC spokesperson said: ‘Davis and Davies should have loved, cared and protected baby Stanley. Instead, they caused the death of this defenceless baby and it is right that they are now behind bars as a consequence of their actions.

‘Babies and young children are completely dependent on those who care for them and we all have a duty to look out for their welfare.’