Police offer students festive advice

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Students are urged to take simple steps to avoid becoming burglary victims this Christmas in a police campaign.

Safer Neighbourhoods team officers in the city centre and Southsea spoke to students at the University of Portsmouth's library as they prepared to break up for the holidays.

Police handed out crime prevention postcards and leaflets and some students had their property marked with a unique tamper-proof code to deter thieves. Advice was also given on bike security.

Dave Fairbrother, from St Thomas Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said: 'We want people to remember that if they are leaving their homes for the Christmas break, they must remember to properly secure their homes.

'Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked, take any valuables away with you such as laptops and mp3 music players, and if you have a neighbour willing to help, ask if they can check in on the place while you are away. Nearly all crimes that happen to students are opportunistic, but if you leave nothing when you go home for the holidays, nothing can be taken.'