Police picture shows knife used by wife to stab her husband

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STILL smeared with blood, this is the knife Crystal Smith used to stab her husband.

Simon Smith suffered four wounds - two glancing blows to his back and two puncture wounds to his left arm - severing an artery.

The knife Crystal Smith used to stab her husband

The knife Crystal Smith used to stab her husband

Those two wounds were caused by the eight-inch blade of the kitchen knife passing through his arm from the back and out through the front.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said Smith, 30, now of Methuen Road, Southsea, who was jailed yesterday for nine years, picked the ‘sharpest’ knife around in the attack at the couple’s Gosport home.

Detective Sergeant Roger Wood told The News he feared Simon could have died from his wounds.

The sailor, 30, of Gorselands Way, Gosport, lost six pints of blood as his wife left him bleeding as she ran screaming to a neighbour’s house.

Det Sgt Wood said: ‘Initially Simon prognosis was not very good and we did fear that he would die as a result of his injures.

‘As time progressed he stabilised and all those involved in his care managed to avert that situation.

‘But this was treated as an attempted murder, and potentially murder, investigation at the outset.’

Simon underwent five operations over the course of his recovery and is still left with no feeling in his left arm. He told in a video interview after the court case how he is now rebuilding his life.

During the eight-day trial at Portsmouth Crown Court jurors heard evidence that Smith shouted ‘Oh my god what have I done, I think I’ve killed him’ before officers arrived.

The jury took just three hours to clear her of attempted murder but found her guilty of wounding with intent.

In her evidence Smith alleged her husband had attacked her twice on the night of the stabbing, February 12. She was arrested at 12.55am on February 13.

But Judge Munro added: ‘There were many incidents when you were violent and unpleasant and belittling to him and the most he ever did was to restrain you or to push you away on February 12 this year.’

Before they arrived at their home from the navy function for Simon’s ship HMS Lancaster, Smith had sung in a rap style at her husband telling him she would make it ‘rain with pain’.

The judge added: ‘His lack of reaction was what caused you to become more angry and more incensed with him because you wanted to provoke a reaction.’