Police urging registration 
of bicycles and belongings in Gosport

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The Royal Navy Police (RNP) at HMS Sultan has been working closely with Hampshire Constabulary and Gosport Borough Council to promote the importance of marking personal property securely.

The group recently held an event where Gosport residents and servicemen and women could bring their bikes along to the Navy base to get them marked and registered by the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The idea of the scheme is that marked bikes will be a deterrent to thieves and as a mechanism for identifying recovered items so they can be reunited with their owners.

As well as marking people’s bikes, the RNP is also encouraging residents to come along and get advice on personal security and to register other items such as laptops, cameras and phones.

RNP’s leading regulator, Michael Mackie, said: ‘It’s a great time to carry out property marking for people at the base, as many are just about to go on leave and may well be out and about with their items.

‘By logging their items to be registered they don’t have to constantly worry about expensive equipment going missing.

‘We have been working with Hampshire Police and Gosport Borough Council on promoting property marking within Gosport to make people aware of how easy it is to secure their belongings.’

As well as the marking of bikes and other personal items, officers in the Neighbourhood Policing Team were also keen to emphasise the importance of using a decent lock on a bike.

Community support officer, Dawn Ayres, said: ‘It’s quite surprising the amount of people that we speak to who leave their bikes outside unlocked and don’t know anything about the coding.

‘We identify a number of bikes that have been stolen but are unable to trace them back to their original owners because they don’t know the code on the bike or it’s not coded as well.’

Gosport has more bike users for business and leisure than both Oxford and Cambridge combined, and this is why the RNP want to bring the security issues to people’s attention. For more info call 101.