Police warning for boy who pulled a knife on classmate

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A SCHOOLBOY who was stabbed by a fellow pupil while in an art class has been told his attacker will not face prosecution.

The 16-year-old grabbed Tom Weston-Davis from behind and held a flick knife to his throat in a lesson at Hayling College.

As Tom, 15, pushed him off, the attacker struck out with the knife, catching him on the stomach.

The boy was permanently excluded by headteacher Max Bullough after the unprovoked attack and Tom's parents Nigel and Natalie called in the police.

He was arrested on suspicion of assault and possession of a knife. But, after consulting Tom and his parents, police have issued the attacker with a warning and will not take the matter any further.

Mr Weston-Davis, a 39-year-old retail manager, said: 'The police spoke to us and we were not sure which way they were going to take it. They wanted to know whether we would support them if they were to prosecute and I said "that's what you're employed for, to make tough decisions, so whatever you decide to do we will stand by it".

'The boy has already been excluded so my son said he feels safe in school, which was the main concern.

'The young man has shown remorse. He has written a letter to my son just explaining it was a moment of madness and he knows he should not have done it.

'The police said he was really worried about the outcome when he was arrested.

'I'm hoping that the shock tactic has worked. '

Tom did not want to speak to The News but his father said that he had moved on from the attack and felt relieved that he only suffered a scratch.

He added: 'Tom said he just wanted to be safe in school and finish this year.

'Now the guy has been excluded he can relax and get on with his exams.'

Tom is expected to get high grades in his upcoming GCSEs.

He had never experienced any problems with his attacker, or been involved in violence at school before.

A spokesman for Hampshire police confirmed that the attacker had been given a final warning and no further action is being taken against him.