Policing in the community here to stay

STAYING Sgt Lesley Meenaghan believes local policing is vital
STAYING Sgt Lesley Meenaghan believes local policing is vital
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Sergeant Lesley Meenaghan of Gosport neighbourhood police, reassures residents there will be units based in the town for some time yet

We are here to stay, Gosport neighbourhood policing team will remain based in Gosport for the foreseeable future.

There has been some concern raised by the local community regarding the closure of Gosport police station and a perception that police will not be based in Gosport.

I would like to take this opportunity to quash this rumour, we are here to stay.

In the near future Gosport neighbourhood team will operate out of Gosport Borough Council offices in the High Street.

There is no confirmed date for this move as yet, but I would anticipate the move will happen at the end of this year or early in 2016.

The neighbourhood team is made up of 33 members of operational police officers and staff, which is headed up by Chief Inspector Jim Pegler and Inspector Clare Jenkins.

The team has three sergeants who supervise 30 PC’s and PCSO’s working within the neighbourhoods of Gosport.

Each council ward has a dedicated PC and PCSO aligned to them.

These officers work closely with our community safety partners tackling crime and risk within the council ward.

Very often we hear people talk about the past and say things like ‘You never see a police officer anymore, there used to be one on every corner.’

Times change, due to improved communication methods the police, like other public services face a huge demand on limited resources.

We patrol according to identified crime areas, for example if we have an increase in vehicle crime in Hardway, we would concentrate our patrol activity in this location.

Draw reassurance if you rarely see a member of your policing team on patrol, it is highly likely that you live in a low crime area.

Neighbourhood police is supported by response and patrol teams, which operates out of Fareham police station

An excellent briefing system ensures these officers are fully aware of crime trends and patrol areas within the borough of Gosport.

The rapid transit bus route also ensures swift response to emergency situations.

I would actively encourage individuals to visit the Hampshire Constabulary website, where you can find numerous methods of contacting us.

As well as reporting non-emergency issues via 101 or emergency by way of 999 there are a myriad of mediums by which you can contact your local policing team.