Advert opponents hail ‘victory for common sense’

GREEN LIGHT How the lamp posts with adverts on could look
GREEN LIGHT How the lamp posts with adverts on could look
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CAMPAIGNERS were delighted after plans to put up more than 100 advertising banners on lamp posts across Portsmouth were scaled back.

As reported in The News highways contractor Colas caused concern when it applied for planning permission to put up the 2m-tall signs in some of the city’s most popular streets.

Residents raised fears that the plans could turn the city into a ‘giant advertising hoarding’ covered in signs promoting companies like Tesco, Lidl and Sony.

But ahead of a planning committee meeting this week applications for dozens of the banners in Albert Road, Osborne Road and Palmerston Road were withdrawn following local opposition.

The council then refused permission for 38 signs to be put up in Mile End Road because they could pose a danger by distracting drivers. One sign in Edinburgh Road was also refused permission for being too close to Victoria Park and St John’s Cathedral.

Steve Pitt is chairman of Portsmouth Cultural Partnership, which objected to the plans, and said: ‘I am very pleased with the outcome – it was a victory for common sense. We have always said we are not against the banners in principle, we just wanted a proper dialogue about where they should go, rather than rushing through plans and ending up with signs that nobody wants.’

Chris Zair is an account manager with Bay Media – the firm which designs and installs the signs – and he agreed that the decision was a positive one.

‘We got the chance to speak with the cultural partnership and put across our message,’ he said. ‘We are not trying to cover Portsmouth from head to toe in McDonald’s adverts.’

He added that the company had not decided whether to appeal the decision or resubmit its application.



· Isambard Brunel Road, 18 banners

· Stanhope Road, seven banners

· Edinburgh Road, six banners

· Hope Street, four banners


· 35 banners approved


· Mile End Road, 38 banners

· Edinburgh Road, one banner


· 39 banners rejected


· Osborne Road, eight banners

· Palmerston Road, five banners

· Albert Road, 28 banners


· 41 banners withdrawn