Mak: Employment is key to stopping repeat offending

Havant MP Alan Mak with CRC's CEO Mary D'Arcy
Havant MP Alan Mak with CRC's CEO Mary D'Arcy
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Havant MP Alan Mak has said getting a job or apprenticeship is the best way to stop offenders repeating their crimes.

Having visited Havant’s branch of the Hampshire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), the public agency tasked with helping offenders reintegrate into the community, Mr Mak stressed the importance of meaningful employment as a route back into life outside prison.

Mr Mak told parliament this week that offenders must be allowed to rehabilitate and reintegrate themselves into society – and that getting a job was the best route.

He hailed the work of the CRC, which helps offenders, victims and the wider community deal with the effects of criminal activities.

Justice Minister Andrew Selous MP praised the CRC’s work and Mak’s jobs fair in parliament on behalf of the government, and encouraged local employers to consider employing ex-offenders.

Mr Mak said: ‘The best way for offenders to stay on the right track is to be supported into work and the CRC plays a vital role in this.

‘My jobs and apprenticeships fair will showcase hundreds of local jobs and I hope employers will consider helping ex-offenders into work. By gaining employment, offenders have a more stable footing in society, and can begin the process of giving back to the community.’

He added: ‘I enjoyed visiting Havant CRC and understand the key role they play in the community, helping offenders reintegrate.’

Mary D’Arcy, CEO of the CRC in Hampshire and Isle of White, said: ‘We are working tirelessly to help individuals responsible for criminal offences back into our community, and we always welcome initiatives to help our cause.

‘The Havant jobs and apprenticeships fair represents an excellent opportunity for rehabilitation and reintegration.

‘For criminal offenders or victims, the chance to get a job, or even an opportunity to gain expert advice from local recruiters, is a hugely positive step. I certainly encourage attendance at the jobs fair.’