Alcohol licence for Port Solent cafe

CONCERNS La Cuisine has been granted a drinks licence
CONCERNS La Cuisine has been granted a drinks licence
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DESPITE objections from residents a cafe and cookware shop has been granted an alcohol licence.

Portsmouth City Council’s licensing sub-committee has allowed La Cuisine in The Boardwalk, Port Solent, to serve alcoholic drinks.

The application was approved after councillors decided it would not have a significant effect on the area, which already contains a number of bars and restaurants.

Ahead of its decision the council received 20 letters from local people worried about noise and the loss of privacy caused by customers sitting outside drinking until 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and until 6pm during the rest of the week.

The arguments raised by Margaret Duggan, of Oyster Quay, Port Solent, were typical of many objectors.

In her letter she wrote: ‘I have already put up with the inconvenience of loss of privacy and increased noise levels.

‘The sale of alcohol with the later opening times will only add to this.’

But the owner and managing director of La Cuisine, Lorna Leadbetter-Caddoo, said their fears weren’t justified and the character of her business wasn’t going to change.

She said: ‘I’m extremely happy with the council’s decision.

‘La Cuisine has been established for 17 years and I have been coming here for that time.

‘I was a customer and it was one of my favourite places, so when I took over I wanted to continue its success.

‘We just want to improve what we already have by offering a glass of wine with lunch.

‘We certainly don’t want to upset any of our nearby residents. I can understand where many of the objections are coming from, but most of our regulars are over 50 years old.

‘We are not a wine bar, La Cuisine os just not that type of establishment.’

Licensing sub-committee chairman, Cllr Les Stevens, said: ‘It was a unanimous decision.

‘Noise and food smells are already common in that area because there is a wide range of restaurants.’