Another councillor resigns from Horndean Parish Council

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Picture: Paul Jacobs

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A COUNCILLOR is to leave a parish council – the sixth in the past year.

Derek Chard only joined Horndean Parish Council in September after an appeal to replace five councillors who had walked out over the previous few months.

Now he has quit saying he can no longer work with the other councillors who he says were stopping effective change.

The 65-year-old retired managing director, said: ‘I am not willing to continue putting in the time and effort to try to improve standards of service to the Horndean community only to come up against brick walls and procrastination, thereby defeating the purpose of being a councillor.’

He said he felt progress could not be made on the much-anticipated Horndean Skate Park because of ‘basic lack of effective management’.

Last year five councillors resigned, including the chairwoman Deborah Taylor who said she found it frustrating because the councillors were not able to work together as a team.

It now leaves 11 of the 15 councillor quota. The council can keep going with as few as five councillors.

Tracy Predeth, the parish clerk, said: ‘Local government is only as vibrant, effective and relevant as the people elected to run it.

‘It is important to work strategically together as a team to provide the service and support which local residents of Horndean will expect to receive.’