Appeal upheld but developer is told it can build Bedhampton estate

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THE campaigner who fought to save a field from development says he fears developers have been given a green light to build despite their appeal being turned down.

Jim Graham argued the infrastructure around Scratchface Lane, in Bedhampton, could not cope with 92 new homes, at the recent appeal hearing.

But the inspector, Colin Ball, said the land is suitable for development by Crayfern’s Homes following Havant Borough Council’s earlier rejection.

The only reason the inspector refused the appeal was that the parties who own the fields and houses which must be knocked down to gain access to the site had not all signed a crucial document known as a 106 agreement which sets out what new infrastructure should be built.

Mr Graham said he felt objections on the grounds of noise from the motorway, flooding and traffic problems had been ignored.

He said: ‘Our reasons for objection have been disregarded and the only reason for dismissing the appeal is the complexity of all the different contracts that have to be signed.

‘The two houses have mortgages on them which complicates matters and there are two separate landowners.

‘I would rather have won this more convincingly because I believe there is every chance the developer will come back and perhaps buy the two houses outright which will be relatively easy.’

The owners of the homes in Brooklands Road have not signed the 106 agreement which led the inspector to conclude in his report: ‘For these reasons the undertaking is unsatisfactory and, since there are circumstances where it might become unenforceable, I consider that it would not effectively overcome the harmful impact of the development on those parts of the local infrastructure to which it refers. This is a critical failing.’

Members of Havant Borough Council’s development control committee refused the application last year on the grounds it was too close to the A3M and would be too noisy.

They also felt the 106 agreement had not been settled.

Crayfern Homes would not comment on the problem with the contracts but said in a statement it was considering its position.