Approval for new Bedhampton estate - but there are traffic fears

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FEARS over traffic problems have been raised after the green light was given to a new estate.

Orchard Homes was last night given permission to build 79 homes on land south of Ranelagh Road, Bedhampton.

The estate will be a mix of detached and semi-detached houses and blocks of flats.

But Kate Turner, vice chairwoman of Brockhampton Residents Association said not enough weight was given to what she believes is a dangerous junction where Ranelagh meets Brockhampton Road.

Speaking after last night’s planning meeting at Havant Borough Council, she said: ‘Ranelagh Road is a private road and it’s not wide enough to take construction traffic.

‘With the other development north of Ranelagh Road the developers were not allowed to use the junction with Brockhampton Road, near the nursery, because it was dangerous.

‘Instead they had to go round the back at the end of Meyrick Road but they can’t do that this time because they are blocking it off.

‘They have just brushed the traffic issues under the table.

‘This development is going to add around 250 cars.

‘If everyone in Ranelagh Road parks outside their house then no-one will be able to get through. I’m furious about it.’

However, the Highways Agency raised no concerns over the junction.

Only one member of the committee voted against the plans, Councillor Richard Brown.

He said: ‘The only thing I’m against, which really does wind me up, is the social housing that’s used as an acoustic barrier for the rest of the site.

‘It’s always the people who don’t have a choice who have to bear the noise to stop it going over the other side.’

But planning officer David Eaves said the position of the social housing, along the southern flank, was usual.

And he said officers had worked with the developers to reduce the impact of noise from roads and nearby industrial estate by making them include quality glazing, moving some of the properties, and acoustic fencing.

Councillor Cyril Hilton said he believed that it was a good use of the land and added: ‘We visited the site and it’s a lovely area.

‘The whole development site is quite acceptable.

‘Once it’s there people will appreciate it.’