Artist gets creative on Portsmouth City Council building

Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

Picture: Paul Jacobs

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PORTSMOUTH City Council’s newest community building has been given colourful new look.

The massive artwork on an internal wall of Somers Town central building is a signature design by local resident and artist My Dog Sighs, who has found critical acclaim both at home and on the international art scene with his unique designs.

He said: ‘I wanted to paint a large-scale work in Portsmouth so I contacted the council to see if they could help with a location. Luckily, the council had just the place. It’s a beautiful building and the council were keen to make it a more welcoming space for the community – something that everyone who visits can enjoy, something positive that will make people grin.’

Somers Town Central was opened in May and offers services including a housing office, youth club with IT suite, a new home for Southsea Community Centre with IT suite, resident participation centre and a community café with free wi-fi.

Jo Bennett, the council’s leaseholder and commercial services manager, said: ‘When My Dog Sighs contacted the council looking for a space, I knew just the place. Somers Town Central’s cool new walls needed a more personalised and welcoming space, and what better than a 38ft high hug for the Somers Town community.’

The work has been painted on the internal wall of the building outside the entrance to The Brook Club for people aged 11 and over.