Asylum seekers latest: How Portsmouth councillors voted

Protesters in Guildhall Square earlier this week
Protesters in Guildhall Square earlier this week
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Here is how Portsmouth City councillors voted in yesterday’s meeting on whether to send a letter to home secretary Theresa May.

Twenty one councillors voted in favour of action being taken to stop asylum seekers coming into Portsmouth.

For - 21 votes

David Tompkins (Con)

Luke Stubbs (Con)

Donna Jones (Con)

Lee Mason (Con)

Simon Bosher (Con)

Neill Young (Con)

Linda Symes (Con)

Steve Hastings (Con)(

Steve Wemyss (Con)

Sandra Stockdale (Con)

Ian Lyon (Con)

Scott Harris (Con)

Rob New (Con)

Ryan Brent (Con)

Hannah Hockaday (Con)

Jennie Brent (Con)

Gemma New (Con)

Paul Godier (Ind)

Colin Galloway (Ukip)

Alicia Denny (Ukip)

Stuart Potter (Ukip)

Against - 16:

Lee Hunt (Lib Dem)

Phil Smith (Lib Dem)

David Fuller (Lib Dem)

Lynne Stagg (Lib Dem)

Matthew Winnington (Lib Dem)

Darren Sanders (Lib Dem)

Yahiya Chowdhury (Lab)

Aiden Gray (Lab)

John Ferrett (Lab)

Hugh Mason (Lib Dem)

Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Lib Dem)

Rob Wood (Lib Dem)

Ben Dowling (Lib Dem)

Suzy Horton (Lib Dem)

David Ashmore (Lib Dem)

Ken Ferrett (Ind)

Abstain 1:

Julie Swan (Ukip)