Benefits: Portsmouth on Payouts - council leader says programme shows what’s wrong with system

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Council leader Donna Jones today expressed her shock at a TV documentary showing a Portsmouth man buying a £1,700 television despite being on benefits.

Chris Coombs (pictured) tells of his purchase in Benefits: Portsmouth on Payouts, which will be screen at 9pm tonight by Channel 5.

Cllr Jones, the Leader of Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘Cases such as the one mentioned demonstrate clearly the reason why Britain has a huge deficit and why the country can ill afford to be paying benefits in the way it has been.

‘People who are draining the system without genuine need are taking money from those disabled people and single parents with young children who can’t work.

‘They are taking money from them and making their lives more difficult and financially challenging.

‘I am pleased and proud of the benefits system in the UK and I am pleased that we look after those who can’t look after themselves.’