Big savings to be made by councils sharing parking

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TWO COUNCILS are a step closer to saving thousands of pounds through sharing parking enforcement.

East Hampshire’s parking enforcement is carried out by overstretched Hampshire police which has led to complaints from residents in Horndean and Rowlands Castle where there are major parking issues.

Parking was decriminalised in Havant six years ago and now the two authorities are set to join forces with a combined saving of around £90,000.

They are both already linked by a shared chief executive and management structure.

Tony Cailes, project manager, said sharing the parking enforcement service would bring benefits to both councils.

‘Improved enforcement within East Hampshire will reduce congestion, caused through inconsiderate parking, and improve safety,’ he said.

‘A shared service will also produce significant savings in set up costs, largely due to Havant having the necessary IT systems and operational procedures in place already.

‘The estimated cost likely to be avoided by East Hampshire District Council is approximately £48,000 while Havant will make annual savings in the region of £42,000.

‘This is another example of the partnership bringing benefits to both councils and to local residents.’

The shared parking enforcement service, planned to be introduced by December 2011, will be discussed at East Hampshire’s cabinet meeting on March 30.

Details relating to the serving of tickets, including various contraventions, the scale of fines and exemptions will be discussed.

The meeting will be held at Penns Place, Petersfield, at 6.30pm.