Blunder as Portsmouth tax bill shows non-existent council

Archive picture of the former Southsea Town Council office.
Archive picture of the former Southsea Town Council office.

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IT WAS abolished three years ago.

So people have been left wondering why Southsea Town Council appeared on their latest council tax bill.

The former authority, which covered 10,000 homes in and around Southsea, last charged a precept in 2007.

It closed down three years later.

Though the bill doesn’t issue a charge from the council, Eastney and Craneswater councillor Luke Stubbs feels the error gives people the wrong impression about recent tax hikes.

‘Portsmouth’s share of the council tax rose by the maximum two per cent this year,’ he said.

‘Could this entry have been left on just to give the impression that taxpayers are somehow getting a bargain?

‘I guess we’ll have to see what happens next year.’

He said the mistake also happened last year and was told by the city council at the time that it wouldn’t happen again.

‘When this happened last year, I thought it was just a mistake but now I’m not so sure,’ he said.

Vince Faithfull, chairman of Southsea Association, said he was baffled the error had been made. I am bit flabbergasted,’ he said.

‘Southsea Town Council was made defunct by the city council some years ago.

‘It ended there and that was a sad day for many and happy for some.

‘I wasn’t involved with Southsea Town Council but some of our members were.

‘Maybe it (the city council) feels Southsea needs to have its own council.

‘The city council’s behaviour has in recent times been underhanded when it comes to Southsea.’

Ed Woodhouse, the council’s head of revenues and benefits, apologised and said the same mistake wouldn’t be made.

‘This was an error, for which we apologise,’ he said.

‘It has now been rectified and will not be repeated.’