Bosham Parish Council seek dog order to stop mess

Councillor Luke Stubbs

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A CONTROL order could be brought in to a popular part of a village to curb dog fouling.

Bosham Parish Council will soon be asking residents whether dog owners should be made to keep their pets on leads when walking along the shore path, the Trippet.

They are hoping it would encourage dog owners to pick up what their pooches leave behind, making it a better place for visitors and residents alike.

But the order would not be in place to stop walkers letting their dogs loose on the shore.

Vice-chairman of the parish council Jonathon Fulford said: ‘It’s a narrow path and there have been a lot of events of dog fouling and residents are getting fed up with it.

‘It doesn’t paint Bosham in a good light.

‘There have been efforts in the past to control it but it’s not been effective.

‘It’s not the tourists, it’s the people that walk their dogs every morning in the dark when they think people can’t see them. If your dog is on a lead you can see what it’s doing.’

But he added: ‘There is little or no point in putting an order in place if the district council, quite understandably, doesn’t have the resources to enforce it.’