Brexit: Gosport MP says we need to unite following EU referendum result

GOSPORT MP Caroline Dinenage said we need to unite and move forward following the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Ms Dinenage was supporting the remain campaign but says she was torn between the vote.

‘I made the decision not to campaign on this issue because I was very torn on it myself and I felt it right that people had the space to make up their own mind,’ she said.

‘We now need to unite and move forward. There is no doubt the impact will be enormous - there will be big opportunities and also big risks.

‘My priority will always be to see both the Gosport constituency and the UK continue to thrive and prosper.’

She added: ‘Following this momentous decision, it is right that we come together and work hard to secure a stable and prosperous future for Britain.

‘The Prime Minister has stated that he will remain in office for the next three months and I welcome this important gesture of stability, which I hope will help to reassure markets about the strength of the British economy.’