Brexit vote: Debate begins on Theresa May’s latest Brexit plan

PRIME minister Theresa May is tonight facing another crunch vote on her Brexit proposals.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 1:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:37 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May speaking about the Government's Brexit deal, in the House of Commons. Photo: PA Wire

Once again the PM will putting her proposals to the House of Commons for a second ‘meaningful vote’ on the plan.

The debate has already begun in the House of Commons over the plan, which was thrashed out after the disastrous defeat of Mrs May’s original deal, following a vote earlier this month.

Her new plan, however, is which is reported to be backed by members of both the Remain and Leave camps of the Conservative party.

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Named The Malthouse Compromise after Kit Malthouse who brought the parties together  – it would lead to Britain leaving the EU ‘on time and with a functioning government’, ex-Brexit minster Steve Baker said.

The proposal ‘provides for exit from the EU on time with a new backstop, which would be acceptable indefinitely, but which incentivises us all to reach a new future relationship’.

It would extend the transition period – the period where the UK would continue to follow EU rules and pay into its budget – from the end of 2020 and into December 2021.

The PM gathered her top team of cabinet ministers – which includes Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt – for a final bout of heated discussions.

The debate has already started in the commons. Mrs May is expected to give a speech at 6.30pm.

The vote will be at 7pm with results expected about 15 minutes later.