Bright idea could save council £1m

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DIMMING Hampshire’s lights could save more than £1m every year.

The county council is planning to adjust the intensity of street lights in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a financial saving of £1.3m.

In areas where the new, white street lighting has replaced the orange lighting, residents have reported they would like the intensity of light reduced because they felt the lights were too bright.

So the county council has worked with Scottish & Southern Energy to adjust lighting levels in some low crime areas, dimming them to 75 per cent of normal levels from sunset to midnight, and from 5am to sunrise, and to operate at 50 per cent between midnight and 5am.

Councillor Mel Kendal said: ‘The report I have been asked to consider is for dimming in areas of low crime and does not affect major traffic intersections or town centre areas.

‘I must stress however, that I will only make the decision where I am confident that the change in lighting levels will still leave residents feeling safe and secure when out at night.’

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