Budget hotel planners ‘failed in consultation’

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RESIDENTS vented their anger over plans to build a budget hotel in the grounds of an existing hotel.

Mike Evans, chairman of Whiteley Town Council said the plans, submitted by Solent Hotel, showed a lack of respect to local residents as they had not been consulted.

Around 20 people turned up to a meeting last night in Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley, to discuss the application for a 54-bed extension to be built as part of the Parsons Collar pub.

Mr Evans said: ‘The fact is that as far as we’re concerned this is a sensitive matter locally.

‘The residents are used to being involved in discussions and it’s disappointing from the hotel.

‘In this case they’ve had little regard for the local community.

‘They’ve not bothered talking to the residents.’

Winchester City Council will eventually decide whether Solent Hotel, in Rookery Avenue, can build a two-storey budget hotel in its grounds.

Mr Evans said the town council will now formally object to the application.

He hopes the matter will be discussed by councillors at the planning committee.

He added: ‘There’s a lot of anger out there and we’re very disappointed.’

Mr Evans said he was angry with both the hotel company and with the city council, as neither involved residents.

One objection from a resident has already been lodged on the city council’s planning website.

Chris Wye said his home in Sorrel Drive directly backs on to this development.

He added: ‘This lodge will have numerous windows at first-floor level overlooking gardens and houses that currently have no overlook problems at present.

‘This materially impacts what is in place today. It is not adequate to suggest that trees will shield this.’

Shire Hotels proposes ‘minor alterations’ to the Parsons Collar to improve access to the kitchen and cellar from the new hotel.

The existing car park would become staff accommodation and a garden and parking area.

In its documents submitted online, the firm says there is demand for similar accommodation to that which it already offers.