Calls are made to rebuild footbridge over busy Portsmouth road

Portsmouth council agree to consult on Victoria Park revamp

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A RESIDENT has called for a footbridge to be rebuilt before a major accident happens.

John Wingrove, who lives at Gunwharf Quays, is asking Portsmouth City Council to build a bridge over Anglesea Road where it meets Park Road, in Landport.

The bridge was demolished almost 10 years ago when a lorry crashed into it. Since then, only the stairs and ramps leading up the old bridge remain.

But Mr Wingrove said it is a disgrace that the council hasn’t looked to replace it.

The 63-year-old said: ‘Thousands of people cross that road during the day – most of whom are students from the University of Portsmouth.

‘Even with the pedestrian crossing, that stretch of road is dangerous. Will it take a major accident for the council to replace it?

‘A similar incident happened in West Sussex where a schoolboy died. As soon as it happened, they built the bridge. Is the council waiting for something like this to happen?’

Mr Wingrove has written to city council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

But he feels the council has dismissed the issue without much thought.

He added: ‘The council has said that there isn’t the money to replace it and that the university should help them.

‘I understand that it is mostly university students that use them but I think the council is using this as an excuse.

‘They want the university to give some money but I don’t think they need to.

‘The council should be able to provide it.

‘They had it before so why not now?’

An estimation by Portsmouth City Council to rebuild the bridge is around £150,000.

Cllr Vernon-Jackson said these sort of funds aren’t available.

He said: ‘The issue of the bridge has been brought to our attention and talks are in place about finding the necessary funds.

‘But, for the council, this amount just isn’t around for us to spend.

‘We are in talks with the university to see what money is available because the majority of that way is used by the students.

‘Our talks will continue and then we can consider our next steps.

‘I understand the bridge was demolished a few years ago now but that was before I was on the council.’