Calls for bus route linking Fareham and Gosport to be made safer

The Eclipse bus service on the BRT route between Fareham and Gosport
The Eclipse bus service on the BRT route between Fareham and Gosport
  • People are calling for dedicated bus route to be made safer
  • They say it is too dark and the roads are too narrow
  • It comes as a woman, from Gosport, died following a collision with a bus which police are still investigating
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MAKE this route safer before someone else dies.

That is the message from people who use and live close to a dedicated bus lane which they say is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

Something needs to be done to make it less dangerous.

Daniel Turner

Henry Cort Way in Gosport is used by the Eclipse service, run by First, and was opened in 2012 as part of the bus rapid transit route, which connects Fareham and Gosport.

It was opened to improve public transport between Fareham town centre and Gosport while easing traffic on the A32.

But dim lighting and narrow paths are causing concerns for people who regularly use the service.

While it is not meant to be used by pedestrians as there is no path except by the stops, people are using it as a shortcut. Cyclists are allowed to use the route.

It comes as a woman, from Gosport, died in hospital after a collision with a bus last month along the BRT. Police are investigating.

Cyclist Daniel Turner, who uses the route regularly, said: ‘The council needs to do something before there is another serious accident.

‘If anything should trigger a change it should be someone dying like they have.

‘How many more incidents need to happen before the route is changed?’

The 38-year-old, from Gosport, added: ‘The road is narrow to fit buses and cyclists in both directions, and it is even worse in the evening when it is dark.’

Another cyclist, who did not want to be named, said he has reported 75 instances of pedestrians walking on the BRT over the past two years to the police and county council.

He said: ‘I use the route most days and I’ve witnessed an average of three incidents a week of pedestrians using the route.

‘Obviously the key issue is that the route is unlit. With no street lighting, no footpath was put in and the route was signed as not for pedestrians.

‘Yet the route connects other footways so people do as they wish.

‘I do wonder whether now there has been a serious incident something will be reviewed.’

Gosport councillor Peter Chegwyn said low lighting on all secondary roads is a problem.

The county council decided to dim the streetlights to save money.

He said: ‘For some of the lights, they might as well not be on. If it is increasing the risk of accidents then it needs to be looked at.’

Executive member for transport at Hampshire County Council Sean Woodward said: ‘The police are still investigating the incident between the woman and bus.

‘A meeting is scheduled between the police, the Health and Safety Executive and the council. If after that meeting it is decided changes need to be made then we will look at that.’

Dervla McKay, general manager of First Solent, said: ‘We are continuing to work closely in partnership with the council and would welcome any new initiatives that improve safety along the bus way.’