Campaign to ban lion trophies from EU

Michael Lane at the meeting today

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MEP SHARON Bowles is pushing for a ban on the import of lion trophies into the EU.

The Lib Dem, who represents Hampshire at the European Parliament, has met Dr Pieter Kat and Chris Macsween of LionAid to discuss outlawing importing items such as lion heads and skins.

According to LionAid, there are currently just 25,000 lions left in Africa and only 411 Asiatic lions left in India, though the group concedes research on total populations is difficult due to poor data-gathering in countries such as Tanzania and Mozambique.

But the charity also reports that local people are often exploited, selling their land to hunting organisations for as little as $4 per square kilometre.

Ms Bowles said: ‘Having met with LionAid and discussed the issues, I will call on the European Commission to consider banning the import of lion trophies into the EU.

‘An EU-wide ban should also include “post-antiquity” lion trophies which are trophies hunted after a certain date.’