Campaigners say yes to change

VOTE The Yes to AV banner
VOTE The Yes to AV banner
Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

Picture: Paul Jacobs

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CAMPAIGNERS took to the streets of Portsmouth with a 656sq ft purple banner.

Portsmouth’s Say Yes To AV group toured the city with the flag, which was used at the launch of the national pro-Alternative Vote campaign.

It was unfurled on the steps of the Guildhall, then at Southsea Common and Southsea Castle on Friday.

Suzy Horton, local campaign organiser, explained: ‘We want to let people know the referendum’s happening and that they should vote. We want them to vote ‘yes’, but it’s really important people know what’s happening and what it means.’

The referendum takes place on May 5 and will enable people to decide whether elections should continue to use the ‘first past the post’ system, in which the candidate with most votes wins.

Alternative Vote would see voters list candidates in order of preference.

If no candidate wins 50 per cent of the vote, the one with fewest votes drops out and their second preferences are added to the appropriate person’s total.

This continues until a candidate reaches 50 per cent of the vote, and is elected.