Campaigners to set up camp outside cathedral for Occupy Portsmouth

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ACTIVISTS plan to set up a temporary Occupy Portsmouth camp outside the city’s Anglican cathedral.

Today campaigners taking their inspiration from the global ‘occupy’ protest movement were due to set up tents for two days of events and camping in Old Portsmouth.

The get-together will last from 10am today until around 5pm on Sunday, with some activists braving the icy conditions to sleep outside the cathedral overnight.

Tim Dawes, convenor for the South East Hampshire Green Party, said: ‘The camp will include a tented university called the People’s Youniversity which gives a voice to those outside the main stream of political and economic analysis.

‘The Youniversity is supported by a number of local organisations, including The Green Party, Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together, Positive Money and the Socialist Party, but it’s essentially run by the Occupy Portsmouth Group, whose members camp overnight and hold general assemblies to decide what they are doing.

‘Speakers will include the Green MEP for the South East, Keith Taylor, and the well- known writer and Guardian columnist, Bea Campbell.’

Staff at Portsmouth Cathedral have met with the activists and the dean, the Very Rev David Brindley, will also give a speech at the camp today.