Candidate Mak ruffles feathers at local elections

The candidate for the seat of Havant has annoyed some by attending a local election vote count.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 12:50 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:54 pm

Alan Mak, who was the MP for Havant until the dissolution of government earlier this week preceding the General Election in June, attended a gathering at The Plaza.

Questions were raised as to whether Mr Mak had received an invitation to the event and whether he even resided in the Havant area.

Mark Coates, a campaigner from Hayling Island, said: ‘Everyone here needs to have had a letter, you’re either a candidate or a counting agent, you’re not allowed in if you don’t, and Alan hasn’t got one.

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‘He’s not supposed to be here. The returning officer has said he can come in and I don’t understand why. It seems odd to me special favours seem to be granted to the MP in this instance because everyone else has to have a letter to get past security.

‘He seems to be able to flout the rules and the returning officer seems fine with that. What’s the point in having them in the first place then?’

Mr Mak defended his attendance and said: ‘Until two days ago I was the MP for Havant, so obviously I have an interest in how the borough is governed.

‘As a Conservative I’m supporting my fellow Conservative candidates and I’m looking forward to seeing the results, that’s why I’m here.

‘I don’t think people are funny I’m here, I’m Conservative so tonight’s the night when people’s political leadings do become clear. I do live in Havant.’