Changes to system for military housing to take effect

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A NEW charging system for armed forces accommodation will give military families a fairer deal when it comes to housing.

The new Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CAAS) will create a fairer way of grading and charging for accommodation and will also be much simpler.

Taking effect from April 2016, all extra charges will be capped and reinvested into improving service accommodation.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon said: ‘Over 40,000 serving personnel live in military quarters so it is essential that their accommodation feels like home.’

‘That is why we have invested £90m in the last year to improve standards of properties. These changes are part of a wider programme which will deliver faster maintenance and lower energy bills in good value for money accommodation.’

Around 30,000 properties will be surveyed over the next 18 months to take account of the ongoing transformation of Service Families Accommodation (SFA) before setting the new charges.