Chichester flats given the go-ahead despite concerns over appearance

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A BLOCK of 26 flats was given the green light – despite claims it should be called ‘Stalag House’.​

The scheme is planned by Chichester District Council itself for a site next to the new district museum in Tower Street. The council is planning to sell the land to offset part of the cost of the museum.

The planning committee voted 10 to two in favour of renewing a planning consent originally granted for the development in 2009, subject to the completion of a formal legal agreement.

The new block has faced opposition from both the city council and the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory committee.

One city councillor said recently it would look like something from behind the Iron Curtain in the 1950s, and conservationists condemned it as disappointing and ‘monolithic’.

Cllr Quentin Cox said: ‘We should call this Stalag House. Its appearance is appalling and unsuited to the conservation area. It does not meet the standards members would expect in a conservation area.’

But Cllr Carol Purnell said: ‘I rather like the look of it.’

To meet concerns, a condition was attached to the new planning consent demanding that water efficiency measures should be included to mitigate the impact on water quality in the harbour.