Chichester MP warns MP about expectations of post-Brexit UK

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A SENIOR MP has warned prime minister Theresa May to downplay expectations about the financial benefits of the UK leaving the EU.

Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester, said that Mrs May needs to distance the government from the ‘false prospectus’ offered during the referendum by the Leave campaign.

Some of the claims offered during the campaign were that the UK could save £350m a week by leaving the EU.

In a pamphlet for think-tank Open Europe, Mr Tyrie said: ‘If it is to secure consent for the terms of Brexit, and to restore public trust in political discourse, so damaged by the referendum campaign, the government must be frank, both about the trade-offs involved, and the fact that many of the promises made by the Leave side are manifestly unfulfillable.’

He warned that if the government took the wrong approach, it could ‘wreak early and possibly severe damage’ on the country.

He added that it was a ‘catastrophic misjudgement to call a referendum without securing free movement in the UK.