Christmas ‘bargain’ proves to be a new year’s headache

CASHBACK Colin Morris and his grandson Cameron with the Samsung Galaxy tablet from Currys
CASHBACK Colin Morris and his grandson Cameron with the Samsung Galaxy tablet from Currys
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Colin Morris thought he’d picked up a bargain Christmas present for his daughter and six-year-old grandson when he took up a Currys cashback offer on a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

The retired grandfather from Anchorage Park had read an instore leaflet promising to refund £80 provided he bought a cover for it costing £20 or more.

He meticulously followed the cashback claim instructions on the Currys website, but to his surprise and dismay, a cheque arrived a few weeks later for just £30.

He first phoned the Currys customer service department to complain, but all he received was a stock answer that he’d not ticked a box on the claim form.

Colin says: ‘At no time did the leaflet or the online claims process make it clear it was a joint offer between Currys and Samsung, and you had to carry on to the Samsung part to complete the claim.’

Undaunted he went back to the Ocean Park store and asked to speak to the manager.

Apparently they had sold approximately 400 Samsung tablets and no-one else had complained – it was his fault for not filling in the refund form correctly and was just hard luck.

Determined not to take the matter lying down, he phoned Samsung customer services.

An operative completely contradicted what he’d been told by the Currys store manager and agreed that they’d received hundreds of calls about the obscure claims process.

He was told to go back to the store and get the manager to phone Samsung to sort the problem out.

On returning to the store for a second time, the manager phoned Samsung and discovered that despite the company’s CEO being aware of the problem there was nothing they could do.

Colin says he felt cheated. He contacted Streetwise in the hope we could get his remaining refund and stop him from being pushed from pillar to post.

Within minutes of Streetwise putting his case to Currys bosses, he received a phone call to say they were looking into the matter.

Spokesman Ben Lovett later apologised on behalf of Currys and confirmed Colin wouldn’t be left the £50 out of pocket. He said: ‘We were sorry to hear about Mr Morris’ cashback issue with Samsung tablet.

‘We are happy to raise the second part of his claim – with Samsung – now and will follow it closely alongside Mr Morris to ensure he gets his outstanding £50 quickly.

‘We have already discussed this with him and he is happy with the resolution.’