City council to hold meeting in response to Palmerston Road debate

TRAFFIC FREE The pedestrian area in Palmerston Road, Southsea. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (121674-720)
TRAFFIC FREE The pedestrian area in Palmerston Road, Southsea. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (121674-720)

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PORTSMOUTH City Council is holding a meeting for residents to have their say on the pedestrianisation of Palmerston Road.

The public meeting takes place at St Jude’s Church from 7pm to 9pm tomorrow.

It comes as a response to a meeting held by the Southsea Association last week over problems it believes have stemmed since the overhaul.

Around 100 people from shops and organisations turned up to the same venue to discuss the impact the pedestrianisation has had on the local area since the zone was opened in April.

The authority converted the road into a pedestrian area to ‘create a more welcoming environment for people on foot’.

This Wednesday’s meeting will be held by the council’s network management team and will discuss the proposed traffic-calming measures for Lennox Road South.

Southsea Association chairman Vince Faithfull said comments have continued to come in via email since last week’s meeting.

He said: ‘I’m hoping that everyone attends this meeting to air their views over the current pedestrianisation.

‘We are getting somewhere because remarkably people don’t always get involved or jump into something unless someone spurs them on.

‘By getting this meeting and more people involved we are starting to get somewhere and hopefully something to come of it.

‘I am now aware of what the impact the pedestrianisation of Palmerston Road has had on Southsea.’