City-wide solution needed to solve parking problems

PARKING problems need a city-wide solution or the problem is pushed to other areas say residents and councillors.

Sunday, 3rd February 2019, 3:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 8:31 pm
Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan. Picture: Loughlan Campbell

Homeowners and drivers packed out the Wedgwood Rooms in Southsea on Saturday to discuss the controversial parking zones which came back into effect at the start of this year and many felt the scheme had just moved the problems.

Colin Scoggins from Southsea said he can spend up to 40 minutes looking for somewhere to park after coming home from his work in London.

He said: ‘I think the zones have made issues for people who live on the edge of them and within as well. In terms of a solution there will always be more cars coming into the city and so it will be difficult.

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‘There was also lots of talk about how much commercial vehicles are affecting parking in the city but I think it would be an idea to have them park in places like B&Q overnight to help.’

The meeting, which was organised by Portsmouth Labour members, also heard about the inconsistencies between the parking zones.

Labour activist Charlotte Gerada said: ‘There was lots of talk about how the zones vary in when they come into force with one between 4pm and 6pm and the other between 5pm and 7pm.

‘I think people want consistency and even a 24- hour period with breaks and passes for guests was mentioned as some people park elsewhere for two hours and then move back.

‘But overall for me I think we need to address the transport infrastructure in the city as a whole and look at how we can get more people onto public transport and using cycle routes.’

Resident Dave Billingham told The News that his wife, who works as a nurse, was forced to use public transport because of not being able to find a space after returning from work.

He said: ‘It is probably a good thing in terms of the environment but the fact that we can’t park in those hours because the roads are full is not fair.

‘For people who can’t park near their house they then have to park streets over and that causes issues for those people.’  

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said: ‘Parking is a city-wide issue. It needs a city-wide solution. It’s important the administration hears these concerns and acts on them. What we need is more listening to local people and better decision-making by the leadership of the city council.

‘This event was a practical way of helping with the problems, and a successful way to get people involved in a top priority for Portsmouth.’