Companies in favour of policy to commission homes

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DEVELOPERS are in favour of a new government policy which will see houses built in the south by smaller, ‘up and coming’ firms.

Gerard Price, chairman of Hampshire-based Bargate Homes which has built in Fareham and Rowlands Castle, said it was fantastic that homes are being commissioned for Gosport and Chichester.

‘Not only is the government putting housing at the top of the political agenda, they are endeavouring to put shovels in the ground,’ he said.

‘No other government has done this throughout my 30-year career and we welcome its intent to openly deliver against their promises. We have a huge shortfall in housing and this will give smaller developers the opportunity to compete for key land with the added benefit that there will be less of a risk of the same “cookie-cutter” housing estates on the outskirts of all of our cities.’