Complete revamp is revealed for Gosport's ageing waterfront

GOSPORT residents could see their town centre completely revitalised.

Thursday, 22nd June 2017, 5:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:21 pm
Gosport's waterfront could undergo a huge revamp

That is the belief of Gosport Borough Council, which has released a plan to tap into the economic potential of the area.

Under these plans, the council aims to create a healthier, more prosperous town, with new homes, employment opportunities and disabled accessibility.

This vision from Gosport Borough Council is linked to their Local Plan – which means councillors want work to be completed by 2029.

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A redevelopment of Gosport Bus Station, enhancing the Falklands Gardens and exploring commercial and residential opportunities across the town are just some of the plans on the agenda.

Desires to provide new homes in the area and improve accessibility to the town centre and waterfront were also expressed.

Cllr Peter Edgar says that this vision is a call-back to the Gosport of the past, showing off the town’s rich history.

He explained: ‘This is the first document that I’ve seen that has really captured the special character of Gosport.

Gosport's waterfront could undergo a huge revamp

‘It is recreating the feel and history of the town.’

At the economic planning meeting on Wednesday, the future of the Falklands Gardens was secured by the council’s plan.

Cllr Stephen Philpott explained: ‘Our vision promises to preserve and enhance the Falklands Gardens; it will remain a space to admire.

‘There never has been any proposal to do something such as build on the Falklands Gardens, despite what may have been said in election material.

Gosport's waterfront could undergo a huge revamp

‘The existing documentation is quite clear on that.’

Cllr Diane Furlong added that the plan is a chance to unite Gosport residents.

She said: ‘It is going to bring the town back together, and bring back some of the historic artefacts so that they look their best.

‘By the looks of it, we are going to beat the socks off of Portsmouth.’

Cllr Piers Bateman added: ‘It is a true joy to see all of this brought together going forward.

‘I anticipate an enormous amount of comments will come through.

‘That being said, this is a framework document and not a concrete action plan, so we must not get over-excited.’

The public consultation will open on Wednesday, June 28, running until September 19.

People can get involved by going to the Gosport Borough Council website, or by going over to the Discovery Centre.