Concerns raised over Hampshire Terrace proposals

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CONCERNS were raised at a Portsmouth City Council meeting over proposals in the masterplan to create a ‘university boulevard’ in the city.

Council officers want to see part of Hampshire Terrace being pedestrianised so students can have better links to the University of Portsmouth.

The council’s Tory group fears the plans would create a traffic bottleneck because cars travelling in and out of the city would be moved onto nearby St Michael’s Road. It was suggested the university could give up some of its land and help fund a new car park to replace one on St Michael’s Road which could be turned into more lanes. The work would also include an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Anglesea Road.

Councillor Luke Stubbs, who is the Tory group’s transport spokesman, said: ‘I am concerned from a traffic flow point of view that it won’t work.

‘From the university’s point of view, this is a good thing, so it should help to cover the impact it will have by giving up some of its land so a new car park can be built. It could also help to cover the costs.’

Cllr Stubbs suggested the council begin trialling the measure by closing Hampshire Terrace and putting out cones, but council leader Gerald-Vernon Jackson said The Highways Agency would need to be consulted and funds were low.