Consultation to discuss Cosham one-way road

ONE DIRECTION Cosham could keep its one-way system
ONE DIRECTION Cosham could keep its one-way system
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A PUBLIC consultation will take place to discuss plans to make Cosham a permanent one-way system.

Cosham High Street was made into a temporary one-way road when the Northern Road bridge closed earlier this year.

Now, Portsmouth City Council are holding a public consultation so residents and businesses in the area can have their say.

The consultation will also discuss how the council should spend the £300,000 it has been given to spend on Cosham.

Councillor Aiden Gray, ward councillor for Cosham, thinks it is about time money went into the High Street.

He said: ‘Cosham has not had a revamp for the past 40 years and it is great that the council has some money to invest into it.

‘If this means keeping the one-way system or not, it is still good for the residents and the businesses.

‘Personally, I think the one-way system is a good idea and we looked at the pros and cons when we first implemented it.

‘It allows cars to go back through Cosham if the train gates are shut and eases the traffic.

‘But it is important for us to hold the consultation so that traders and residents in Cosham can have their say.

‘From the few I have spoken to, they seem to like it that way but there are concerns about people speeding down Wootton Street, so things like that will need to be looked into.’

If a decision to keep Cosham a one-way system is made, the £300,000 could be used to make the pathways wider and to plant more greenery.

But Cllr Gray isn’t expecting a repeat of the debate happening with Palmerston Road in Southsea.

He added: ‘A lot of work has been done to the southern part of the city.

‘Some changes residents have liked but others they haven’t.

‘That is why it is so important that a consultation is held. We can make a list of the positives and the negatives and make a more detailed decision.

‘We want to give the majority of people what they want but still try and keep everyone in the Cosham area happy.’

A date for the consultation is yet to be confirmed.