Consultation will decide on holiday park occupancy

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THE question of whether people should be allowed to live permanently at a holiday park is to be put out to consultation.

The public will be asked if they think people should be allowed to live in their holiday homes at Solent Breezes in Warsash all year round.

Fareham Borough Council will conduct a four-week consultation on its planning policies, which will start later this month.

Some chalet owners have been allowed to live in their holiday homes because the rules were not properly enforced by the council.

The park, which is a made up of chalets and static mobile homes, has seen a mix of planning decisions for occupancy – some succesful and some not. The original rules stated that people could only live in their holiday homes for 10 months of the year, although some broke the rules and the council did not enforce them.

In September 2011, Fareham Borough Council was ordered to pay £4,000 in costs after losing a High Court battle to three occupants who won the right to live there full time.

The council will consult the holiday home users, as well as nearby residents, on a proposed enforcement policy for 10-month occupancy.

If the residents are found to be in favour of the policy, this will give Fareham Borough Council greater powers to make residents comply with the rules, which could end up in court with rising, daily fees.

Warsash councillor Trevor Cartwright said that this issue had been going on for over a decade and had been much-debated.

He said: ‘When people bought the chalets, it was very clear that they could only live there 10 months of the year.

‘The chalet owners are between a rock and a hard place, as are the council.

‘A lot of the chalet owners do keep to the rules, so it will be interesting to see the results of this consultation.’

Leader of Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward said: ‘There is no infrastructure at Solent Breezes, such as proper roads or schools, and part of it is crumbling into the sea.

‘It was intended as a holiday park and the chalets were bought as holiday homes in the full knowledge that was what they were.

‘We will be asking people if they agree or not with our proposed policy.’

Warsash Residents’ Association will be discussing the matter at its meeting later this month.