Controversial Cams Mill pub lights given the go-ahead

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A PUB which attracted criticism for being built in a conservation area has been allowed to be lit up.

The pub called Cams Mill, is in the Cams Hall Estate.

People were worried that allowing a building would detract from the historical value of the manor house and harm the environment as it is in a conservation area.

Despite these concerns, in April 2010, permission for a building based upon the design of the former Cams Mill was granted planning permission.

This pub, owned by Fuller, Smith & Turner, is almost finished and after numerous planning applications to alter its design, councillors have finally agreed to allow the pub car park to be illuminated with column lights.

The councillors also granted permission for a 2.74m pub sign, as long as it was located within the service yard area close to the building itself.

The two applications went before Fareham Borough Council – one to change the building’s lighting and the other to erect a sign.

Seven letters of objection were sent to the council and two deputations were made by worried residents.

Resident Linda Hurst asked councillors to make sure that any lights did not end up looking like a ‘motorway service station’.

Chairman of the planning committee Cllr Nick Walker said: ‘So far not a single Portchester resident has come to me with any issue about this application.

‘All I have had is them saying that they cannot wait for it to open so they can get in there and enjoy it.’

Cllr Arthur Mandry said: ‘To get churlish about where a few lights are is silly.

‘They now seem to be in a reasonable place.

‘They need the signage and lights to advertise what it’s actually there for.

‘To keep it in total darkness is ridiculous.

‘We need to be helping it to be viable.’

Also on the planning committee, Cllr Brian Bayford said: ‘All the effort that has gone into this site to make sure it is right, it would be unfortunate if we did not allow it to have some lighting.

‘Bearing in mind this lighting is for the car park, when the mill was in existence, they did not have cars. Now we need to be able to see.’

After viewing a plan of how far the light would spill from the building, councillors agreed to allow the lighting.