Council IT deal could save £1.5m a year

Tony Briggs
Tony Briggs
Transport Minister Jesse Norman with Cllr Donna Jones and Cllr Simon Bosher at one of the council's electric vehicle charging points

Portsmouth to roll-out more charging points for electric cars

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THREE councils will share their computer systems in a bid to save money.

After 12 months of talks, Hampshire County Council, Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council have decided they will share their IT systems.

Officials at Havant and East Hampshire hope the deal could save both authorities £1.5m a year once the new shared systems are fully up and running over the next four years.

The partnership is the latest in a string of agreements being made by authorities following reductions in government grants.

Havant and East Hampshire now share senior managers and parking services, and East Hampshire and Winchester authorities share bin collection services.

Hampshire’s leader Ken Thornber said: ‘Efficient and effective IT is the cornerstone of shared public services, allowing systems and data to be shared securely across organisations to improve services to the public, and at the same time reducing costs. As local government faces significant financial challenges, it is essential that authorities look closely at developing more innovative working methods, and the role of technology is crucial in helping to deliver more for less.’

Havant leader Tony Briggs added: ‘Not only will it save money and improve services, but it builds on the success of the Havant Public Service Plaza where we are already working with the county council to bring together public and voluntary services in one location.’