Council leader defends decision to spend cash on sculpture

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Fareham’s council leader defends decision to buy sculpture

Ukip councillor Chris Wood branded Fareham Borough Council’s decision to buy a 10ft modern sculpture representing two intertwined branches to mark 50 years of association between the two authorities in Fareham and Vannes a waste of public money.

But council leader Sean Woodward said the sculpture, and accompanying ceremony, was important.

He said: ‘It is a memorable milestone. Twinning is an important function between communities particularly when people look back.

‘We still have generations that remember Europe at war, so twinning with towns within Europe is important.’

The Fareham Vannes Twinning Association at first raised concerns about the sculpture’s design and proposed location, and lack of council consultation.

But after modifications were agreed on Monday, including putting both towns’ shields on the plaque and moving it to Westbury Manor Museum garden, the association said it was happier.

Chairman Christopher Gorham said: ‘I’d like to offer support for the council’s plans and thanks for allowing time for the modifications, which have been well received. Ongoing dialogue would be appreciated to ensure a spectacular launch.’