Council says it has done all it can to rid Cosham of clamping company

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A TRANSPORT boss says he has done all he can to get rid of a clamping company operating in Cosham.

As previously reported in The News, clamping firm City Watch, has come under fire for its practices.

The firm operates in a car park behind Cosham High Street.

The problem first came to light eight months ago, when Portsmouth City Council vowed to take over.

Cllr Jason Fazackarley, who’s in charge of traffic and transport at the city council, said: ‘We have done everything it can legally to process taking over.

‘We’re powerless and waiting for landowner Lee Barrons to sign a contract.

‘Until then there’s nothing we can do.

‘We had hoped we could take over in April.

‘We gave them an advantageous rate and agreed on that.

‘But the contract hasn’t been signed yet.

‘We also know the City Watch contract expires in June, so maybe that will end this frustrating matter.’

Christine Winter, 53, of Nutbourne Road, Farlington, was clamped this week.

She said: ‘I parked my car behind Iceland as I thought it was a free car park for general use.

‘I went to the bank and was only gone for a few minutes and when my car was clamped.

‘I was so angry as the clamper was demanding I paid the £205 fine on the spot.

‘My car was blocked in and I had to pay so I could get out.’