Council says that Fareham must build another 2,000 homes

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  • Fareham needs an extra 2,000 homes to meet demands
  • Former planning plans could resurface
  • Campaigners call for an apology
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EXTRA pressure for more houses and a growing population means that Fareham needs to build a further 2,000 homes to meet demand, according to the council leader.

And nowhere is safe from development as the council is holding a call for land, meaning that developers can resurrect contentious applications and put them forward again for consideration.

Council leader Sean Woodward said this figure would take the council’s plan forward by a decade, extending it up to 2036.

He also said that he had high hopes for sites in the town centre as shopping habits move online, and that he was looking at redeveloping brownfield sites such as the Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road Car Park, Wykeham House School, Fareham Magistrates’ Court, the police station, and more.

He said: ‘We will be saying to anybody in the borough that owns land “do you want to have it considered for development?”.

‘It’s not to say that we will take it, many of those sites we know where they are and that they’ll be put forward and we know in terms of acceptability where they sit in peoples’ minds, but we must go through that process.’

Cllr Woodward said the demand for housing had never been higher due to a significantly growing, elderly population and broken families.

He said: ‘The statistics of the age of our population and the age of the population that can’t afford a house we have never seen before.

‘Could I absolutely guarantee that there won’t be a single piece of greenfield development come forward, well of course I couldn’t.

‘We have to roll the plan forward by a decade and there are sites that need to be found.’

Last October the council’s sites and development plan, which includes 1,800 homes and extends to 2026, was the subject of a planning inquiry.

At this inquiry inspector David Hogger said that more work needed to be done to the extend the plan, which was adopted in May.

The plan for new town Welborne, which will see 6,000 homes built north of Fareham, was also adopted in May.

The figure of 2,000 houses has been worked out by Partnership for Urban South Hampshire, which is made up from 12 local authorities, which will all have to make provision for extra housing.

A special edition of the council newsletter Fareham Today about the issues will be delivered to Fareham residents this week.


A CALL for sites has been put out by Fareham Borough Council, meaning that developers can resurrect plans and put them forward for consideration to be built to help the authority meet its target.

As the council needs to find another 2,000 homes by 2036, this means contentious plans that residents thought would never materialise may come back and be adopted into the council’s plan, subject to an inquiry in 2017.

Here are a few such sites:

* Newlands Estate, Peak Lane, Stubbington

This estate would see 1,100 homes built on land designated as a strategic gap between Fareham and Gosport.

Developer Hallam Land has received strong objection from residents, who were concerned about the building on green space and the environmental impact, plus the strain on infrastructure such as hospitals, school and roads.

Hallam Land submitted a planning application for 1,550 homes, but it dropped the housing numbers and has not yet submitted an amended planning application.

* Cranleigh Road, Portchester

An application for 135 homes on a field off Cranleigh Road, in Portchester, was submitted to the council earlier this year, however it has yet to be decided. This controversial application from Persimmon Homes has attracted fierce objection from residents and the neighbouring school.

This site has been put forward many times for development over the last 20 years and it has always faced opposition.

* Portchester Precinct

Residents have petitioned on numerous occasions to save the district centre’s car park.

This started when the council proposed to build a community centre there in 2008. With the council keenly eyeing up town centre sites, Portchester Precinct and its car park could be a prime site for building.

* Other sites:

North and south of Funtley Road

West of Moraunt Drive, Portchester

Peak Lane Nurseries, Peak Lane, Fareham

Hope Lodge, Fareham

Cartwright Drive, Titchfield

Posbrook Lane, Titchfield

East of Bye Road, Lower Swanwick

Botley Road, Park Gate

Holly Hill Lane, Sarisbury

South of Oakcroft Lane, Stubbington

Land off St Margarets Lane, Titchfield

Brook Avenue, Warsash

Land off Greenaway Lane, Warsash

Protesters call for apology from leader

CAMPAIGNERS have called for an apology from council leader Sean Woodward.

Community activist Sean Cunningham, who opposes development in Fareham and runs website Inform Fareham, said he believed residents had been misled by claims that building a new town called Welborne would solve Fareham’s housing problems.

He said: ‘Residents will be furious and shocked, especially those who live in Stubbington near to Newlands or in Portchester near to Cranleigh Road.

‘Cllr Woodward has deceived the people of Fareham. As he is chairman of Partnership for Urban South Hampshire, he must have been fully aware of what was coming down the train track.’

Mr Cunningham called for Cllr Woodward to apologise. He said: ‘It is shameful and it is appalling. People will be aghast. He needs to make a public apology.’

In August 2013 Cllr Woodward told The News that building Welborne would help avert ‘infill’ development in the borough.