Council tax could go up for some in East Hampshire

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COUNCIL tax could go up for some people living in East Hampshire as the local authority has to find up to £870,000 in its budget.

The government is reducing the amount of welfare money it gives to councils in a bid to get more people into employment.

It means that every council will now have to plug a funding gap.

In East Hampshire, councillors will consider three options at a meeting in Penns Place, Petersfield, at 6.30pm next Thursday.

One option would see the current council tax benefit scheme retained, with the 10 per cent discount on second homes being removed and the removal of the discount on unoccupied and unfurnished properties.

Another option would see all working age people, apart from the disabled, paying at least 20 per cent of their full council tax.

Other proposals include slashing the council tax discount in half on unoccupied and unfurnished properties.

Councillor Julie Butler, in charge of economy, said: ‘The government’s changes to the council tax benefit scheme has left East Hampshire with a considerable sum of money to make up.

‘It has been our task to find a new scheme that will bridge that gap, encourage more people into work while also protect the most vulnerable people. We have worked hard to present three options which we hope will achieve these aims.’