Council welcomes decision by the boundary commission

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THE news that Hampshire is likely to retain 78 county councillors has been welcomed by the authority.

Hampshire County Council welcomed the early recommendations from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The review of electoral boundaries comes after data from 2013 showed that the size of the electorate is uneven in a third of all the council’s 75 electoral divisions. Three divisions elect two councillors so the council has 78 councillors in total.

This means that some councillors are representing more voters than others.

County council chief executive Andrew Smith said: ‘It is essential that all voters are adequately represented on the county council, and that the identities and interests of local communities are suitably reflected so that we can continue to ensure effective local, county government.

‘We encourage all residents and other stakeholders to support the commission’s public consultation, and provide feedback between now and August 3.’

Once proposals received during the consultation phase have been considered, draft recommendations will be published in November, followed by a period of public consultation by the commission.

Any adjustments to Hampshire’s electoral arrangements would affect the county council’s elections in 2017.

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