Council will be tweeting to show what it does

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CHICHESTER District Council will be using Twitter to lift the lid on its work.

For 12 hours on Thursday, March 22, officers will tweet about what they are doing with the aim of highlighting the services provided by the council.

‘Many people think councils only operate from 9am until 5pm, when in fact, the truth is very different,’ said Councillor Tricia Tull, who is responsible for finance.

‘We have people on-call 24 hours a day ready to deal with emergencies and issues that arise throughout the night.

‘Our Chichester Careline service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and our refuse workers are out at 6am collecting rubbish.

‘Our leisure centres also operate seven days a week and many people will also be surprised to know that a Band D taxpayer pays us £2.56 a week, which is less than the majority of items in a weekly shop.

‘For this we deliver over 80 services.

‘This is a chance to give people a snapshot of what we deal with on a daily basis.’

To follow the council on Twitter go to @ChichesterDC and follow the hashtag cdc12.