Council will work with MoD to fix M275 traffic problems, says Portsmouth leader

File picture of traffic queues coming into Portsmouth at the end of the M275
File picture of traffic queues coming into Portsmouth at the end of the M275
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THE leader of Portsmouth City Council has said the traffic problems on the M275 stem from increased security checks at the dockyard.

As reported in The News, drivers have voiced their anger at the increasing traffic, with many blaming it on the introduction of the park and ride and new bus lanes.

To watch a video of a stop-start drive into Portsmouth city centre click here

But Cllr Donna Jones said: ‘There have been substantial traffic problems getting into the city every day this week. This simply isn’t good enough.

‘Portsmouth is a city that has many industries and business and it is essential that people understand what and who is to blame for the recent traffic chaos along the M275.

‘The park and ride is being cited as the reason for the tail backs. This is incorrect. The MoD control Whale Island, and they have increased the checks they are carrying out on staff entering Whale Island. We have spoken with the MoD. We would like the MoD to consider implementing staggered start times for their staff if they are increasing security checks, to try and avoid the problems that happen at peak times.

‘If we were notified in advance we could have used traffic management systems and notices as well.’

In November staff on Whale Island said that heightened security checks had been brought in, although the MoD said that the security status had not been changed.