Councillor fears public will not use new loos

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A COMMUNITY toilet scheme has passed the 50-member mark in Portsmouth.

As reported, Portsmouth City Council closed 12 of the 25 public loos it owned, in a bid to make savings.

In order to ensure people can still have access to facilities, the council launched a community toilet scheme, asking pubs, shops, cafes, community centres and other premises pledge to allow people to use their toilets, whether or not they are customers or patrons.

Latest members include the Paulsgrove Community Centre in Marsden Road, and the toilets in Milton Cemetery.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, leader of the council, said: ‘As most people know, the council is having to deal with cuts to the money it gets from the government.

‘The times when it could provide everything itself have gone. Our job here is to work with other organisations in the city to make sure people have the facilities they need.

‘It was a painful decision to close some of our public toilets.

‘But look where we are now. From 25 public loos before, we now have 51 community toilets.’

But Councillor Donna Jones, leader of the opposition Tory party, said that people would not be happy to use community loos.

She said: ‘Businesses may be happy for people to use their toilet.

‘But often the public are put off by this, seeing it as rude when not purchasing a good or service.’