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GOSPORT councillor Bob Forder has resigned from the Liberal Democrats to join the town’s Conservative group.

The ward councillor for Anglesey split away from the Gosport Lib Dem group with his wife, who is also a councillor, 18 months ago to form their own independent group.

But Cllr Forder has now decided to quit the party altogether and join forces with the Tories.

He says he has switched parties because of the Gosport Conservatives’ sensible policies and hard work.

He said: ‘I am delighted to be joining them.

‘I have joined the Conservatives because I think they have the best policies to take Gosport forward.

‘They have the skills and energy and determination.

‘I have now joined the ranks of more than 30 other former Liberal Democrat borough councillors who have left the party in the past 16 years. I shall not be the last.’

Cllr Forder was the leader of the splinter group he formed with his wife, Ingeborg Forder.

She will now remain on the council as an independent.

The council’s Tory leader, Cllr Mark Hook, said: ‘Bob is a hard-working councillor who is committed to representing the people of Anglesey.

‘He works extremely well with his ward colleague Alan Scard.

‘Bob understands the need for financial security for residents and a vision for the future and recognises only the Conservative group can take Gosport forward.

‘I welcome Bob into the Conservative group as he has a great deal of experience and a good working knowledge of the problems we face.

‘He will be an asset to our team.’

Gosport Borough Council now has 23 Conservatives, five Lib Dems, three Labour and three independent councillors.